Meet Me at the Corner

I used to write a blog for Community Newspapers in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. I called the blog “Meet Me at the Corner” and I still like that name. To me it brings up the image of two friends agreeing to meet at a designated spot. Although I picture a sidewalk with street signs (say, the corner of 4th and State Street) a meeting in the world of the Internet doesn’t demand an actual corner. Wherever readers meet me on these pages will be a little “corner” of the world.

I have lots of thoughts and stories to share, though I plan to steer clear of politics and controversy on these pages. Sometimes I’ll write about interesting people I meet; other times I’ll share stories — both real-life stories and fiction. You’ll be sure to find posts here on writers and writing. Mostly, though, I want to write about things that will lighten your day and to give you food for thought.

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