Joining Up With Jeff

I got sidetracked with my blog. It isn’t as though I took a hiatus from writing — I’ve been doing plenty of that — but I wasn’t meeting anyone at this WordPress corner.

Now here comes Jeff Goins. He’s been sending me emails about writing for several years, and I remembered that the last time I took up his 500 words a day challenge I started becoming more intentional about my writing. In 2017 I put together a collection of stories: The Romance of Anna Smith and other stories. It has been well received and a number of people asked me, “When are you going to publish your next book?”

The answer to that is “Very soon. . .possibly this month.” My second book is a collection of prose poems and short memoir titled Where I’m From: poems and stories. 

Meantime, I need to get reacquainted with WordPress, and I’m hoping other members of Jeff’s “tribe” will be willing to share some tips.

Meet You at the Corner. My little corner of the world.